I’m Liz Shepherd, a communications professional who provides high-quality editorial services.

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I provide a full suite of editing and writing services. I work collaboratively with my clients in order to identify their core message and ensure each piece of writing they produce communicates that message in a clear and engaging way.

Regardless of the exact form your writing takes—novel, short story, website content, blog post, article, resume—chances are it could benefit from an editor’s touch. If you think something you’ve written needs a fresh pair of eyes to look it over, contact me for a quote.


Once you’ve dotted the i‘s and crossed the t‘s, send your work over to me and I’ll make absolutely sure you haven’t missed anything.

Copy editing

If your work is where you want it to be in terms of content, structure, and organization, I’ll check your spelling and grammar, consistency, and clarity. I read on your readers’ behalf to make sure your work does what you want it to do.

Stylistic editing

This is a sort of “copy edit plus.” In addition to making your work clear and correct, I’ll assess your writing style and make more significant adjustments or recommendations to suit your target market.

Substantive/developmental editing

If you’ve written the first draft of your novel or short story, but you feel like something’s missing from the work as a whole, this might be what it needs. I’ll read your manuscript with a critical eye to evaluate plot, character development, overall structure, and other larger considerations. Then I’ll provide you with detailed feedback so you can breathe new life into your work.



My expertise comes from a Professional Writing Diploma from Algonquin College, a Publishing Certificate from Ryerson University, and a life-long obsession with the written word and correct apostrophe usage. I worked as a Proposal Writer for over 6 years, and I’ve edited all manner of materials as a freelance editor for various clients.


Freelance Editor
2014 to present

I edit various written materials for spelling and grammar, logical consistency, structure, clarity, style, tone, and quality.

This includes recommending improvements based on the level of editing requested, intended purpose, and target audience.

I also conduct research as necessary to make editing decisions and bring any factual errors to the client’s attention.

Aite Group
2016 to present

O’Hanlon Media
2016 to present

Bookbright Media
2016 to present

Proposal Writer/Coordinator
The AIM Group Inc.
2008 to 2017

Algonquin College Marketing & Creative Services Department

IDT Canada Inc.


Publishing Certificate
Ryerson University

Professional Writing Diploma
Algonquin College



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